Huntley United Cemetery
1850 - 2020

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Early Settlers in Lower Huntley and their Religion 1
Methodist Churches in Lower Huntley 1
Third Line Church (1850-1929)1
Fourth Line Church (1851-1872) 2
Fifth Line Church (1865-1913) 3
Other Churches in Lower Huntley and Stittsville (Goulbourn) 4
Christ Church (Anglican) (1838-Present) 4
Huntley Presbyterian Church (1843-1870) 4
Magee Chapel (Methodist) Goulbourn (1845-Present) 5
Lower Huntley& StittsvilleCemeteries –Listed by Year Established 6
Fourth Line Cemetery(Settler's Cemetery) (1822–188?) 6
ChristChurch Anglican Cemetery (1838–Present) 7
Magee Chapel Cemetery (Methodist) (Stittsville United) (1845-Present) 7
Huntley United Cemetery (Methodist) (1850–Present) 7
Huntley Presbyterian Cemetery (1860–Present) 7
1863 Walling Map of Lower Huntley 9
Early Lower Huntley Methodist Families 10
Huntley United Cemetery –Property and Land Registration Map 12
Huntley United Cemetery –Chronicle of Events (1858-2020) 13
Huntley United Cemetery–Old Section Map 31
Huntley United Cemetery –New Section Map 32
Surnames of People Interred at Huntley United Cemetery 35
Appendix –Alpha List of PersonsInterred at Huntley United cemetery (47 pages)