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How do you know where you are going, if you do not know where you have come from?

Carp Public School Over the Years 1905 - 1968

This book is for all those who remember the days before cell phones, voice mail and e-mail and we were actually allowed to play British Bulldog, Red Rover and Dodge Ball. We could have snowball fights at recess and jump in puddles.

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We could build snow forts and eat peanut butter sandwiches and we could climb the trees in the school yard without getting a detention. If we got hurt, somebody tended to our injuries without too much fuss and sent us back to class. We didn't have to wear bicycle helmets and we could give our friend a ride on the cross-bar of our bike. Popsicles came with two sticks so we could split them and share them with somebody and Freshie was our sport drink. Cod Liver Oil was the only drug in the school and we knew how to organize ourselves to play scrub softball, ?shinny? hockey, Run Sheep Run or Kick the Can. When we went to bed all the windows were open because there was no air conditioning and we could lie in bed and listen to whip-poor-wills.

The book starts with a history lesson which reviews the history of the school and elaborates on some of the memorable events over the years. The main part of the book however is the 100 pages of photographs ranging from class pictures and general shots of the school and grounds to individual photographs of some students, teachers, trustees and special events. Peg Blair had done an incredible job of trying to identify all the people in the pictures.

If you went to the school, your picture should be in the book. If you know of someone who went to the school, a picture of them should be in the book. This will be a great resource for genealogists for years to come.

The Perfect Bound book is 115 pages in length and contains over 200 photographs grouped according to time or event.