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How do you know where you are going, if you do not know where you have come from?


The Society is here to help you find your ancestors and in some cases your living relatives. However, this is a very personal endeavour and we would not like the information falling into the wrong hands. If you send us an email with your request for information or stating which families you are interested in, we will try and put you in touch with others who are researching the same families.

If you join and access the members area, you will find a massive index of people who have been associated with Huntley Township at one time or other. The index lists where you can find the information about these individuals. New data is constantly being added to the index, so check back often.

We also have a large collection of photographs (approximately 30 albums) of people and scenes of Huntley Township dating back to the early 1900, although some are earlier. Many of the people that are in the photographs have been identified and are listed in the index described below. We can provide copies of these photographs on request.

Every time we get a request for information or information or publications are donated to us, we put it into a families filing system held at our offices. This information can also be accessed by the researcher upon making an appointment.

Our newsletter, available for free in the members area, contain a genealogy page that lists upcoming events of a genealogical nature and relates other information that might be of interest to the family historian.

The links page lists the common links of interest to a genealogist and a family historian. This page is updated as new sites are found. Note that the links are those that might be of interest to residents of Huntley Township, the majority of whom are of Irish descent. Thus it is by no means a comprehensive list of the genealogical web sites.

We also maintain a research centre in the Carp Branch of the Ottawa Public Library. The publications are available on the shelves, however, if you would like some help or guidance, please make an appointment by contacting us through e-mail or by letter.