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How do you know where you are going, if you do not know where you have come from?


A Brief History of HUNTLEY TOWNSHIP 1819 - 1930

by Anne Argue, Mary Kelly, Marian O'Connell, Lisa Zeitz

Beginnings is an "Opportunities for Youth " project, sponsored by the Department of the Secretary of State, Canada. This edition is a reprint of the original volume with new information included in the Appendices as described below.

Beginnings cover

Contents include discussions and descriptions of the history of the township including stories of the first residents, the Big Fire, the agricultural development in the area, including the Carp Fair, the early municipal history, employment, religion, education, transportation, the Huntley Women's Institute, and the liquor problem

The book is illustrated with an abundance of early photographs of buildings and people of the township.

A copy of the earliest map of the township is also included

The appendices include copies of the 1821 and 1822 military censuses as well as the 1829 Huntley Militia list

The names of many former residents are mentioned in the book. These are all listed in the index, however, there are too many names to be listed here. A complete listing of these names will be included in the master listing of names in the 'Members area' of this web site.